Our Top 3 Looks from the SAG Awards | Philadelphia Salon, Architeqt

The Screen Actors Guild Awards, also known as the SAG Awards, took place last week on January 25th. As per usual, the stars stunned us with their beauty and style to set the tone for some major inspiration in 2015. As a salon that is continuously keeping up with industry trends, we make it appoint to reflect upon the predominant ideas amongst our staff. Our next objective is to make our clientele aware of our ideas in order to provide direction towards forward hair innovations. Thus, we wanted to highlight our favorite looks and concepts that have debuted the red carpet during the SAG awards.




As always, Jennifer Aniston humbled her audience with a natural style, encompassing a beauty unrivaled by other celebrities. She wore a straight middle part, parted with a perfect blonde balayage/hombre that recalled a spin on her iconic look during the “Friends” era. The neutral dye paired with dynamic highlights functioned to create a sun kissed “straight from the beach” look to make her outfit pop.




Um—Can we just name Lupita as the Queen of the Red Carpet already? The crown braid she wore is enough to make us all jealous of her capability to pull off a wide range of looks. This style begins with corn rose braids along the hairline which is eventually blended into an afro puff surrounded by plaits.




Last but never least, Kiera Knightley effortlessly dropped jaws on the red carpet with her half-do and loose beachy curls. This hairstyle functioned to compliment her neutral makeup tones and accent her ear cuff without making it appear to flashy.  Great Job, Kiera! We’re taking away some Valentine’s day inspiration from this look!’

Stay tuned for our favorite looks from the Grammy’s! Wonder what Gaga has in mind this year..

All Best,

Bridget from Architeqt Salon