Sleep and Hair Health

Sleep and Hair Health

Getting the recommended 7-9 hours of quality sleep every night is vital to maintaining a full and healthy head of hair. Sleep is the time our body gets to repair and better itself – and it does this through countless processes that occur during the different sleep cycles. These numerous sleep cycles promote the stem cell activity that generates the epithelial cells required for hair growth. Not only is sleep necessary for the protein synthesis of your hair, it is also the time our body releases numerous hormones that are responsible for maintaining healthy locks. Hair growth is regulated by hormones and these hormones affect how much hair grows, how long it grows for, and type of hair that grows. Not receiving the proper amount of sleep will affect your production of growth hormone and other hormones like androgens, which have a direct effect on hair growth.

When trying to improve your hair’s health, it is also important to look at the impact of sleep on your stress levels. There is increasing evidence that suggests that stress negatively impacts the hair follicle and growth cycle, which consequently leads to unhealthy hair growth and loss. During deep sleep, your brain produces chemicals that order your body to stop production of stress hormones. And, when you don’t receive the proper amount of quality sleep, your body boosts its production of these stress hormones. The result is a vicious cycle of sleep loss and stress that causes the growth of unhealthy hair as well as hair loss.

Improve Sleep and Rejuvenate Your Locks

Unfortunately, getting a good night’s sleep is something most of us struggle with. Here are a few tips to help you get a full and restful sleep every night:

● Try aromatherapy: Essential oils like chamomile, lavender, and ylang-ylang have a calming effect on the mind and body. Add a few drops of the oils to a diffuser and, while in bed, focus your mind on the feelings of relaxation that are induced.

● Begin a bedtime ritual: Before bedtime, do something ritualistic that relaxes you. Wrap up in some blankets with a hot cup of herbal tea and a good book or soak in a bath of Epsom salts and lavender oil. Whichever relaxing ritual you choose, do it every night at the same time before bed and your body will become programmed for sleep!

● Turn of blue-light emitting electronics: The blue-light emitted by electronics causes your brain to resist a state of restfulness. It’s best to turn off all electronic devices 1 hour before bedtime to promote relaxation and ready your brain for sleep.

We all need to sleep, so why wouldn’t you make the most out of your sleep time by ensuring it improves your physical and mental health? Not receiving enough sleep will cause you to suffer from hormone imbalances and increased stress levels that cause an overall degradation of your health and beauty. Whether you want to rejuvenate your lackluster locks, stifle hair loss, or simply protect your hair for the future, receiving a good night’s sleep may be the “miracle” that you’ve been searching for.


By Stephanie James 

Introducing our New Amazing Product Line: Evo Hair Products


Introducing: EVO. EVO, all the way from Australia, “Saves Ordinary Humans From Themselves”. How can a product do such a thing, you ask? They provide us with a product that is simple, effective, and fun. Their products are made for everyone—but especially those who like to have fun.


Another reason why we love EVO so much is because it perfectly aligns with all things trending in the hair industry right now: textured, natural, “messy” hair.


The trick to achieving the unkempt look doesn’t mean you just roll out of bed and rock the bed head around town. It still needs to be styled, and thus tastefully unkempt. We really wanted to emphasize that point to you.

If you’re enthusiastic about hair trending and what’s projected to be in trend for a while, EVO is for you. They’re upfront and honest about their ingredients as well as the effect of their products.evo

Did we mention the entire line smells absolutely amazing? To us, it’s very gender neutral, as none of it smells really fruity or floral yet never crosses the line into Old Spice or Axe territory of masculine.

Our verdict is in, and we love EVO. We’re fairly confident that you will too. Come let us try it out on you to show what it can do for you hair.



Grammy’s 2015 | Architeqt Salon Philadelphia Recap

The 2015 Grammy’s were a pretty typical to what we expect from every year’s ceremony. There was a portfolio of ridiculous moments including some acting out by Kanye West, a stunning performance by Beyonce that had everyone teary eyed, and Madonna doing Madonna. There was a stunning performance by Beck and Chris Martin, followed by Beck’s Grammy for Album of the Year. Sam Smith won 4 Grammy’s—talk about a great night.

As always, we like to give credit to the looks that inspired us on the red carpet. The Grammy’s are without a doubt one of the most interesting and fun awards ceremonies to reflect upon. Each look ends up being more outlandish than the previous, as pop stars tend to aspire to express their artistic identity as cultural icons.



It seems to us that Katy Perry took a cool tip off from our stylist Brittiany with these lavender locks. Either way, we love it. (We love it more on B!) She styled this bold color in a beautifully cut bob completed with beachy waves. We also love how she chose to let her black roots show, as they really helped to make the purple pop and ultimately accent her outfit. Go, girl.


kim k

As Kanye West’s wife, you definitely have to make some sort of statement on the red carpet, although being Kanye West’s wife is arguably a statement enough. This year, we have to hand it to Kim Kardashian. She wore her hair in sexy, textured waves and a deep side part. She looked absolutely stunning.



Compare Iggy’s hair to whatever you want— we commend her bravery and innovation. She wore a dramatic crown braid confidently and proudly, thus totally pulling it off.   Her hair perfectly complimented her natural makeup and gorgeous blue Armani Prive gown. We guarantee we’ll be seeing lots and lots of crown braids in 2015..



Jennifer Hudson is a unquestionably a natural beauty, and she totally showcased that at the Grammy’s this year. Her edgy, jet black pixie cut placed all the focus on her face and vibrant magenta lipstick. Props to J-Hud for her adorable white form fitting Tom Ford dress, too. The simplicity was key for her on Grammy’s night, and she showed us all that less is more. For sure.


Stay Tuned for the Oscars! We’re excited to see what antics J-Law pulls this year!

Have a great week everyone,


Architeqt Salon & Gallery

Our Top 3 Looks from the SAG Awards | Philadelphia Salon, Architeqt

The Screen Actors Guild Awards, also known as the SAG Awards, took place last week on January 25th. As per usual, the stars stunned us with their beauty and style to set the tone for some major inspiration in 2015. As a salon that is continuously keeping up with industry trends, we make it appoint to reflect upon the predominant ideas amongst our staff. Our next objective is to make our clientele aware of our ideas in order to provide direction towards forward hair innovations. Thus, we wanted to highlight our favorite looks and concepts that have debuted the red carpet during the SAG awards.




As always, Jennifer Aniston humbled her audience with a natural style, encompassing a beauty unrivaled by other celebrities. She wore a straight middle part, parted with a perfect blonde balayage/hombre that recalled a spin on her iconic look during the “Friends” era. The neutral dye paired with dynamic highlights functioned to create a sun kissed “straight from the beach” look to make her outfit pop.




Um—Can we just name Lupita as the Queen of the Red Carpet already? The crown braid she wore is enough to make us all jealous of her capability to pull off a wide range of looks. This style begins with corn rose braids along the hairline which is eventually blended into an afro puff surrounded by plaits.




Last but never least, Kiera Knightley effortlessly dropped jaws on the red carpet with her half-do and loose beachy curls. This hairstyle functioned to compliment her neutral makeup tones and accent her ear cuff without making it appear to flashy.  Great Job, Kiera! We’re taking away some Valentine’s day inspiration from this look!’

Stay tuned for our favorite looks from the Grammy’s! Wonder what Gaga has in mind this year..

All Best,

Bridget from Architeqt Salon

Philadelphia Salon Gift Packages | L’Oreal is Worth it | Architeqt Salon

Have you ever tried any L’Oreal salon professional products? In the event that you or a friend were interested in a starting point for professional products, you should consider our L’Oreal holiday gift package we’re selling at our salon in Philadelphia. The result of the combined products in this package will leave your hair feeling more voluminous, healthy, and shinier than ever before. With these ingredients, you’ll be in store for over a month of good hair days – Our Philadelphia hair stylists promise.


Mythic Oil

Our clients swear by the powers of L’Oreal Mythic Oil. Made with rich antioxidant avocado, it is designed to add a luxurious shine while controlling unwanted frizz. Mythic Oil is a critics darling, as it has established a reputation among the stylist community of working absolute wonders on dry hair. Also, for those of us who are weary of damaging our hair via blow drying, Mythic Oil acts as a protectant against heat as well. It’s easy to use: simply massage approximately two pumps through damp hair starting at the ends and work your way to the scalp. Alternatively, one could choose to apply a small amount to dry hair to achieve a brilliant shine. Our stylists at Architeqt Salon Philadelphia swear by Mythic Oil and would recommend it to anyone.

True Grip

So now that you’ve used L’Oreal Mythic oil and you’ve achieved a natural shine and volume boost, and are interested in achieving a little bit more of a dramatic lift, you can opt to try L’Oreal True Grip. Great for any hair type or length, this styling powder creates effortless volume once applied to any part of the hair. Please keep in mind that this formula is potent and only a small amount will be needed to achieve the desired effect. Last, but not least—L’Oreal True Grip is tote size so you can bring it anywhere in case of an emergency.

Absolute Repair L’Oreal Cellular

Absolute Repair has been unbelievable remedy for those who have very dry and damaged hair. The ingredients, including lactic acid, reacts with dry hair to remove residue, protect hair fibers, and finally regain the strength and shine your hair deserves.

Absolute Repair L’Oreal Lipidium Conditioner

After using the Absolute Repair Cellular shampoo, you will be ready for the conditioning treatment to begin restoring your hair back to full health. Simply apply it to your wet hair, leave in for 2-3 minutes, and rinse thoroughly. Enjoy your soft, transformed hair provided by our salon in Philadelphia!

Enjoy all of these wonderful products for just $85.00, a wonderful value. Make yourself or a friend happy and put this L’Oreal gift package under their tree this holiday season.

Thanks for reading! Stop by and schedule an appointment with one of our hair stylists in Philadelphia today,

Happiest of Holidays,

Bridget from Architeqt Salon