Architeqt Salons take pride in training our stylists in the most up to date color techniques along with our signature Dry Cut method. After beauty school, apprentice stylists go through a lengthy apprenticeship where they work on mannequins and then graduate to live models. Models are taken by apprentice stylists on Tuesdays between 10am and 3pm.

All Services are performed under senior stylist supervision.


Styling: Complimentary

Hair Cutting: Complimentary

Color: $30 per color service

Architeqt salons are dedicated to helping you find your ideal style. Your stylist will do their best to respond appropriately to any questions, concerns or thoughts that will make you comfortable with whichever process is decided upon. By submitting this form, you accept that the stylists have creative control to execute the style of your choosing and that you fully understand that you will trust the stylist to make the best choices based on their experience.


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