Our New Stylist: Sequoya Yeagle | Architeqt Salon & Gallery

Here at Architeqt, we function like a family. We work long hours together, eat 3 meals a day together sometimes, and laugh at all the same stupid internet memes. What else could you really ask for from a team of colleagues?

We’ve recently welcomed a few members into our family at Architeqt Salon, and we wanted to give them a proper introduction to our existing clients, and our network in general.




We staged a small Q&A with Sequoya to trace her history in order to find out where her passion for hair and beauty originated.

When did you first decide that you wanted to be in the hair and beauty industry? I was very young, probably in high school. I actually started doing hair before any of my formal training by doing everyone’s hair in my family. After high school, I enrolled in Jean Madeline Aveda Institute.

Did you have a specific mentor, teacher, or role model who helped you actualize your potential during your education? There was a very fiery female teacher who I looked up to very much. I saw her as a confident, creative, and strong woman who was a portrait of hard work and actualized potential. She really pushed me, which helped me to realize I had taken the right career path.

What personal characteristics would you attribute to yourself? I’m definitely a very free-spirited person. Actually, I made a cross country move to Boulder, CO immediately after graduating from Jean Madeline. I am an avid snowboarded and I wanted to see what it was like to live in the mountains. Ultimately, though, I realized that if I wanted to make a career out of being a hairstylist I needed to move back to the East Coast. I also just missed the East Coast culture more.

What did you like about hairstyling on the west coast? I loved that a lot of my clients were interested in getting balayage, golden toned highlights, and generally had bohemian chic hair—which is what I would consider myself to have, I guess. All of my clients were super laid back and a lot of times trusted me with creative control.


What area in hairstyling would you say is your forte? That’s actually a really hard question. If you asked me this a few years ago I would have beyond a doubt answered color and balayage. Now that I am learning more dry cutting techniques, I have had a lot of fun doing dry cuts. Personally, I am just happy to be expanding my education and experience in unexplored areas, so dry cuts have been really enjoyable!

sequoya drycut_resize

Do you have any advice that you regularly give to clients? I am a HUGE advocate for helping my clients embrace the natural texture of their hair. I love to give them natural, innovative styling options to see what kind of looks suit them best. This is probably because I have really, really curly hair and coming to terms with what I can do with it was one of the best realizations I’ve had thus far!


Is there anything else you’d like to mention that I didn’t ask? I also really enjoy doing weddings, and love the idea of helping someone put together the most special day of their life. Making a bride feel beautiful is a seriously rewarding feeling, something really cool to be apart of.

sequoya bridal2_resize

sequoya bridal_resize