Oscars 2015


Oscars 2015

The 2015 Academy Awards were, as usual, filled with emotional moments, victories, and losses. The movie “Birdman” won best picture, bringing much joy to Michael Keaton as this role will undoubtedly help him take progressive steps in his future career. We’re happy that Keaton could take away some success despite the sad vine that went viral of him putting away his acceptance speech for Best Actor after losing.

Other happenings of the night included Patricia Arquette’s brave speech, which has generated much buzz regarding wage inequality for women. It has since inspired other women to speak out, such as A.J. Lee, a female WWE wrestler, who noted the discrepancies in pay between males and females in Hollywood.

The Academy Awards, despite being an arena for passion and talent, is never complete without a red carpet runway show. As usual, we look forward to noting all of our favorite beauty and fashion picks that walked the red carpet that night.

We tracked the trends down of the night as well, so that we could better present the hair forecast over the next year!




We’re so proud of Lady Gaga. In recent years, she has almost lost her balance as a pop star in the entertainment industry. This year, however, she is seemingly making a comeback as she earned a Grammy for her most recent album with Tony Bennett, as well as her 2015 Academy Awards performance of a Sound of Music medley. Her beauty and hair were also on point— we adored her ashy-lime color, paired with long, loose curls that gradated to a lighter shade on the ends.




Out of all of the stars that graced the Red Carpet on Academy Awards Night, we really think that Margot Robbie won. Her deep side part paired with her absolutely gorgeous, dynamic lip color; her beautiful gown with a plunging neckline; and also the main event which was her necklace designed by Van Cleef and Arpels. To us, her hair stuck out because even though it was relatively casual, it helped to complete her classically beautiful ensemble.


Jessica Chastain had a look similar to Margot Robbie- simple, natural, and classic. Her hair was styled in the same vein as Robbie’s— a deep side with down, relaxed hair—completed by a beautiful navy dyed Versace gown. In addition, her makeup was extremely minimal, which helped add to her classic look.





When we saw Cate Blanchett on Academy night, we were initially floored by her custom silk velvet gown by Margiela, and also her statement necklace from Tiffany and Co. The two lit up her natural glow more than we even thought possible. After we got over the initial shock of her get-up, we were thoroughly impressed by the route she chose to go with her hair style. Blanchet simply and elegantly wore a messy updo paired with gorgeous highlights. Stunning and simple.



Rosamund Pike’s Givenchy gown was the perfect way for the “Gone Girl” actress to showcase her post-baby body transformation, which happened in a mere 5 weeks. In her 2015 Academy Awards look, she puts many of us to shame. Pike wore her hair back in a messy updo much like the style Cate Blanchett chose, and it couldn’t have worked better with her fire engine red color scheme. Awesome choices, Rosamund!




John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen showed up to the Academy this year and made their presence known as a power couple. John Legend displayed his power through his moving performance of “Glory” that moved many people in the audience to tears, and Chrissy Tiegen with her beautiful “Old Hollywood” style hair. Her long, loose, golden S waves made us nostalgic for black and white noir films from the 20s.


What was your opinion of the 2015 Oscars? Did we miss any of your favorite looks, or any particular trends that carried through the night! Please give us any feedback you deem necessary!

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By Bridget Boylan