What is the Keratin Treatment?

The Keratin Treatment is a mild temporary straightener that once applied attaches onto the hair cortex, never penetrating through it, avoiding your natural hair bonds from being broken down and adds keratin to moisturize and strengthen your hair for the most amazing results.

What to expect

The treatment will relax your hair. It will soften your wave considerably and remove frizz. It will slowly wash out and will not leave a line of demarcation when it grows out. Your hair will eventually revert to its original texture (3-4 months). It will not damage your hair. It can be applied over previously relaxed, color treated or otherwise processed hair. The product is heat activated. Applying heat (using a blow dryer or flat iron) will yield very quick results. Your styling time will be greatly reduced!

What it won’t do / What not to expect

Because the straightener does not break the hair bonds it cannot give your hair a pin straight result. Results will vary from person to person according to the unique texture and density of each person’s hair type. However, the more you get the treatment, the straighter your hair will become. For optimal results we suggest that clients get a trim after the treatment.


** We use the Lasio one day Keratin system, According to the manufacturer, Lasio has less than 0.2% methylene glycol as its preservative ingredient. We use Aerovex source capture ventilation system with every keratin treatment in order to maintain a clean and healthy air environment.


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