Whats Trending for Spring?

Winter is coming to an end and so it’s about time to come out of hibernation and refresh your hairstyle.


Here at Architeqt we like to add our own signature  to what we’re seeing trending in hair. Here are the looks we’re doing behind the chair that will make you feel fresh and beautiful for Spring time.


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The Golden Blonde Balayage and Dry Cut


The Dimensional Blonde


The Textured Shoulder Grazing Bob



Chin length no layer Bob


The Modern Pixie 





Copper Reds


And the always trending Balayaged Brunette

Architeqt Summer Trends 2018

The Summer 2018 Hairstyle Trends to Know About Before You Hit the Salon


‘Tis the season when we all start dreaming of drastic changes for our hair, mostly because Philadelphia’s summer heat and humidity can cause us all to start wondering if we could pull of an Amber Rose look. But before you go chopping off all your tresses, take note of the summer 2018 hairstyle trends Architeqt Salon owner and stylist Alexey Kats and stylists Sequoya Yeagle and Alba Karabina are seeing and doing behind the chair.


Before we dive into the more specific hairstyle trends for summer, a few across-the-board trends and tips to note: First off, natural textures rather, than big blown-out Kardashian-like ‘dos—which can feel like a pipe dream to maintain during a heatwave—are in, regardless of age. So no need to overheat under a blow-dryer at home, only to have your hair frizz up once you head out the door. Another trend that’s being seen across most styles and age groups is blunt cuts, rather than choppy layers. And secondly, while you may see fringe-like bangs infiltrating your Instagram feed, Alexey warns that summer is not—I repeat: NOTthe time to get them: You’ll just end up with hair plastered to your forehead and plenty of regrets.


Okay, let’s get to the top hairstyle trends the stylists from Architeqt are seeing for summer 2018.


Summer 2018 Hairstyle Trends for 20-somethings


Jaw-length bob: The Amelie look is back, y’all. As Alba points out, while this look requires some upkeep maintenance, with trims roughly every six weeks to keep the length just right, the actual styling of this look is veering toward less pin-straight and more textured and tousled, which means it’s possible to maintain with a natural air-dry for some, depending on hair type.


Less Fairytale hair color, more natural hues: This is good news for anyone who moans and groans at the time spent in the salon chair to get their locks to a lavender hue. Sequoya says the pastel pinks and blues are out, and embracing more natural hues while embellishing with soft copper balayage is in. This means less time spent in the salon , because frequent upkeep isnt required, and less fading from the sun, pool and ocean.


Summer 2018 Hairstyle Trends for 30- and 40-somethings


Lob: Lob is short for long bob—so this isn’t your super-duper short ‘do, but rather a shoulder-length take on the shorter style. As Alexey notes, while this style used to often be paired with a voluminous blow-out, now it’s shifting more toward a more laid-back, natural styling. Meaning: Less work for you each morning.



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Asymmetrical cuts: As Sequoya points out, asymmetrical cuts—which can range from pixie-length to lobs, and are paired with a deep side part—are having a moment. A nice bonus, along with the versatility in length, is that they provide you with a strong hairstyle without necessarily requiring too much everyday styling on your part, depending on length and texture.



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Summer 2018 Hairstyle Trends for 50- and up-somethings


Long looks: Surprise! Long hair is no longer a “don’t” as you get older, Alexey says. And the stylists at Architeqt are seeing more and more women embrace longer tresses. Instead of swearing off long hair once you reach a certain age, it’s all about knowing how to make long locks work for your face: The goal with a long style should be to frame your face in a way that gives the illusion of volume added to your face—something we naturally lose as we age.


Clavicle-length bob: Yep, there’s a bob trend for every age group! This bob, which lands smack-dab in between the bob and the lob, works to do what we just talked about above: Framing the face to add volume. Again, you’ll want to stay on top of your trim appointments to keep this cut at the perfect length and doing its job.


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What Colorists Wish You Knew…



What Colorists Wish You Knew Before Your Hair Appointment


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How to best prep your tresses for transformation.

If you have a hair-coloring nightmare under your belt, you are not alone. But chances are, that “Ack!” experience was born out of a lack of preparation, whether that was a refusal to prep mentally (sadly, platinum blonde tresses will not magically transform you into Kim Kardashian’s clone) or a refusal to prep your actual hair for the process (spoiler alert: dirty hair is not the way to go). Here, expert colorist Allison Condon’s secrets for properly preparing your tresses before you head to your next hair-coloring appointment.


Don’t fall prey to the dirty-hair myth.

Despite the myth that hair color is best delivered to dirty tresses, having a bunch of buildup on your scalp and in your hair actually prevents the hair color from doing its job. That layer of build-up from products and oil acts a shield, meaning the color has to work double-duty to break through all that gunk before it actually gets to the real work: coloring your hair. So the first step in making sure your hair-coloring appointment is smooth sailing is to arrive to the salon with a clean mane. (And note: If washing your hair just isn’t in the cards, make sure to show up to your appointment a bit early so you don’t eat into your coloring time with a wash.)

.dirty hair



But be smart about how you wash your hair.

So you do want to wash your hair but, ideally, not on the same day as your appointment. (If you do have to wash your hair on the same day, avoid getting carried away with your at-home scalp massage — you don’t want your scalp to be sensitive when the dye is being applied.) While you don’t want to have a ton of buildup on your scalp, it does help to have a thin layer of natural protection. In order to give yourself time to build up a slight cushion, Condon suggests using a detoxifying shampoo (some are better than others — a safe bet is the Architeqt-recommended ColorProof Clear It Up Detox Shampoo), a rockstar when it comes to cutting through oils and residue from styling products, and a hair mask the night before you head to the salon. If you’re trying to fix a botched box-dye job (been there), you’ll want to consult with your colorist first and most likely get the “Get Pure” clarifying treatment ($25) which prepares your hair for a chemical service by removing minerals and cosmetic build up so that your hair will be a clean canvas for your coloring service.




Don’t be afraid to go au naturale.

You wouldn’t go in for a facial with a full face of makeup, right? Getting all that foundation and blush and mascara off would cut into the time your esthetician has to actually, you know, perform your facial. So natural face it is. You want to think the same way when it comes to getting your hair colored. I know: The thought of walking out of your house without your usual styled-to-perfection locks might feel a bit scary, but all those “I’m so exposed!” feelings will pay off when your hair color is able to do its job more effectively, without your styling products creating a barrier that it needs to break down first. The same rule goes for using powders and sprays that conceal gray hairs — you’ll want to skip them for the day or risk them blocking the color from reaching your hair.



Know that, try as you might, you will not magically transform into Jennifer Aniston in the chair.

Condon says she likes for clients to show up with some photos for reference while also understanding that there is no way to guarantee that a color that looks flawless on someone else’s hair — let’s say Jennifer Aniston — will turn out exactly the same on your hair. The way color presents is tied in not just to the actual color, but also hair texture, style and how your hair reflects color. You also want to have realistic expectations when it comes to how light you can go in one sitting. As Condon says, ever since Kim Kardashian went platinum blonde, that’s been a popular request, but the reality is that it took more than 13 hours (really) to get Kim’s hair to that hue. Your hair can also only lighten so much in one sitting — you have to give it some time for the cuticle to close so that you can go in and color it again. So if you have a dramatic transformation in mind, just be prepared for it to take a few sessions.


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Don’t slack off in between appointments

This one’s for all my procrastinators: You don’t just want to squeeze in the prep work in the days leading up to your appointment — you should be using a color-safe, low-PH shampoo and masking your hair regularly in between appointments to keep hair healthy for future coloring sessions. At Architeqt, a L’oreal Power Mix, an add-in treatment to keep hair healthy, is performed during all color treatments and clients are recommended to purchase Olaplex #3 or Smartbond #3 to help rebuild the bonds in the hair that might became damaged during a lightening service. And after using those, Condon suggests using a mask once a week. The reason? Your color isn’t going to look great if it’s painted onto damaged hair, and it’s also more difficult to predict what color will look like on damaged hair. (Psst: You can also head into Architeqt for a reviving Power Mix treatment for $35 anytime your hair is feeling less Jennifer-Aniston healthy and more Courtney-Love hot-mess. There are different formulas for everything from keeping color-treated hair healthy to adding moisture to repairing everyday wear and tear)



olaplex_smartbondAnd there you have it! How to prep before you land in the chair for your hair coloring appointment.  Here’s to looking and feeling your best!


By Adjua Fisher

How to Have Your Healthiest Hair Yet

For your most Instagram-worthy locks this season, soak up these top-notch tips from our recent hair care event

with Alexey Kats, Sequoya Yeagle, and Dr. Vicki Bralow.

panel audience2

  1. Don’t skimp on your shampoo and conditioner.

If you want to keep your tresses healthy—and that hard-earned color intact—upgrading your shower essentials is a must. (Read: The cheapest shampoo you can find at Target isn’t going to cut it anymore.) Sequoya Yeagle, a senior colorist and stylist educator at Architeqt Salon, suggests that everyone, no matter their hair type, invest in a pH-balanced shampoo. When it comes to how much to spend on said shampoo, Architeqt owner Alexey Kats says you’ll be looking at between $15 and $35. Look for paraben and sulfate-free products—as Alexey notes, “Sulfates are like using sandpaper on your hair over and over again.” No,thanks. The problem with many drugstore brands is that they are alkaline, and using them is akin to washing your hair with pool water all the time, Alexey says. So be sure to look for a shampoo with a pH of 7 or below.


  1. Be a smart shopper.

If you’re looking to save by shopping hair products on Amazon, make sure to look out for warning signs. Parabens are used as preservatives, so paraben-free products usually expire after a year or so, growing mold and bacteria when past their prime. Make sure to buy from reputable vendors and keep an eye out for old packaging, which could mean the product is expired. Knowing what types of products your hair type needs is also key, Sequoya notes: curly hair needs moisture-promoting products while straight hair is thirsty for protein-packed products.


  1. Beware the weather.

The dry heat found just about everywhere in winter can leave both your skin and hair parched. This affects how often you should wash your hair, which ranges form once every other day to once a week depending on your hair type. That said, one smart way to regulate your hair’s oil production, so it doesn’t dry out during the colder months, is to invest in a humidifier. You can also switch your products seasonally, based on what your hair is telling you it needs more of.


  1. Pay attention to what’s on your plate.

Okay, so we’ve talked about what you’re putting on your hair, but what you put in your body also plays a big part in your hair’s health. As Dr. Vicki Bralow noted during the hair health shindig, omega-3 fatty acids, found in fatty fish like salmon, promote healthy hair. You also want to make sure you’re getting hefty servings of antioxidants. As Dr. Bralow explains, antioxidants act in your body as a sort of siv to catch the garbage that’s not benefiting your body. When you don’t get enough antioxidants, that gunk builds up in your body and shows in your outward appearance. Hello, dull hair. You can find antioxidants in all sorts of fruits and veggies, like berries and leafy greens.


  1. Know when to head to your doc.

Some hair-health issues are simply a reflection of the products you’re using (or not using), how often you’re coloring your hair, or the weather. But some hair-health issues can be symptomatic of larger issues. As Dr. Bralow points out, iron deficiency is a big precursor to hair loss, along with thyroid issues, stress and more. So if you have a hunch that a change in your hair’s health is symptomatic of a medical issue, schedule an appointment with your doctor. If you are experiencing hair loss, be sure to ask the stylists at Architeqt about the products offered, like Evolis, to promote hair growth.


By. Adjua Fisher



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