Spring Forecasting: Hair Trends and Treatments

Spring is the time for switching things up and starting fresh, from decluttering your home to donating old clothes to revamping your hair. This spring, things are heading in a new direction when it comes to hair trends, and we’ve got the skinny on three looks that are about to be huge—and the best treatments to salvage your locks from winter dryness and prep your hair for your new, fresh look.


  1. Straight hair with a center part

    If you thought the 90s trend was limited to fashion, think again. The middle part is back in a big way, with sleeker, straighter hair. Think straightened hair that’s a day or two old—not pin-straight, but a relaxed tousle that’s smooth and under control.

    trendA trendB
  2. Flat waves with minimal layers

    Think heavy, blunt ends without sacrificing any texture. This look requires an intentional, relaxed, just-rolled-out-of-bed vibe. To achieve this, wrap small sections of hair around the curler barrel, but only curl the midshaft of the hair (not roots or tips).trendCtrendD

  3. Grown-out shags with curtain bangs

    This cut rolls with the 70s bohemian trend, but keeps things fresh with an intentional grown-in look. Keep things piecey and textured by blasting your hair with a good texturizing spray, channel your inner Brigitte Bardot, and slay.


Here’s the kicker, though: In order to pull these looks off, your hair’s health needs to be on lock. Central heat can wreak havoc on hair, sucking out moisture and turning ends brittle. Be sure to restore moisture and shine to your hair or prep your tresses to receive spring color with any of the amazing treatments we offer at Architeqt, from L’Oreal’s Pro-fiber treatment for damaged tresses to the at-home extended Linkage Meu treatment for silky smooth hair. There’s also L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil treatment to tame unruly, coarse hair or the L’Oreal Power Dose add-on to prolong your hair color after your in-salon color process.

Now you’ve got the style forecast and hair health knowledge to go into this spring ahead of the curve!


By Lauren McGrath