Scumbags of Rotterdam, Reuzel and Men’s fall hair Trends

        September will always be known as ‘Back to School’ month. The same holds true for the staff at Architeqt as September brings in our new cirriculum for our weekly educational sessions. This past week we visited Philadelphia’s brand new venue, The Fillmore, to check out a show that was put on by none other than the Scumbags of Rotterdam (Their words, not ours). Leen and Bertus are two of the world’s most popular and talented barbers. They spent the past 3 weeks touring the United States and educating the country on their *very specific way of hairstyling.


        Initially, when viewing the poster that has all of their different styles and cuts, one might be intimidated and think that there was some type of digital editing done to these men who have seemingly perfect hair. The truth is that none of the photos were edited. That would ruin the integrity and honor that Schorem has built with their 4 bare hands. A word that comes to mind after watching 4 unique haircuts being performed right before our eyes would be repetition. The attention to detail and the repetitious motions that each cut embodied was what allowed for their finished looks to appear to be perfect. They themselves will tell you that nothing is perfect and that there’s no such thing as an absolutely perfect haircut. Viewing their work would make you think that you could argue with them about that topic for eternity.


           The hair show was not only a stage to demonstrate their hair cutting techniques, but was also designed to be a product education class for their hair care line named ‘Reuzel’. Reuzel is a pomade that comes in 4 different finishes/holds. Based on the specific styles that the duo had cut into their models, this product did an amazing job in keeping the structure and the integrity of the cut true.


            We at Architeqt have been using this product for about 8-12 weeks and have had some great results. One client sent us a message saying that he had been complimented not only on his haircut, but also the scent of his hair, shortly after leaving Architeqt.


            Although the styles that the Schorem barbers were cutting seemed slightly severe for the look that we like to achieve at Architeqt, there are still numerous learning points that can be adapted to our style of cutting. They repeated themselves many times saying that they like to cut out the boring parts of the hair and leave the cool parts alone. They blend the newly cut pieces to the cool pieces and that simply leaves the client looking ‘more cool’. The tightrope between boring and cool is the line that the Schorem barbers seemingly stomp on, daily. The looks are a blend of classic and new-age. The styles are for men who are interested in styling their hair every day although their product will stay in the hair until it’s washed out.


            Looking forward to autumn and the changing of the seasons makes us feel like we need to change as well. Some of the men’s fall hair trends will be leaning towards longer looks that will focus on accenting the natural texture of the hair. Sophisticated styles, like what the Schorem barbers displayed, will be in as well except we will be seeing a lot less product in the hair to allow for the natural texture to shine. An example of a sophisticated cut with natural texture would be Matthew Healy (Singer-The 1975). Brendon Urie (Singer- Panic At The Disco) has a style that we will be recreating often this fall and winter at Architeqt. It’s a classic look that can be achieved though repetition, clean sectioning, and a keen attention to detail. We hope to see you, your brother, nephew, uncle, father, boyfriend and even the boyfriend that we aren’t too sure about yet in the salon shortly!



By Nicholas DeMaio