Balayage Perfected Through Education

In an ever changing industry, Education is the platform that separates Architeqt Salon from the rest. With weekly in-house learning to taking off-site classes on the weekends, Architeqt Stylists are always trying to stay ahead of the trends.

In the last few weeks, Sequoya, Brittiany and Jessica were involved with continuing education in some great ways. From Teaching in LA with the Balayage master, Nancy Braun, to attending an Instagram celebrity’s Balayage workshop and then coming back and sharing the skills with the rest of the stylists from Architeqt.

(Sequoya’s blog)

A couple weekends ago, Brittiany and I attended a balayage class taught by an Instagram celebrity, Lisa Hart-Walker (@Lisalovesbalayage). Brittiany is already certified through L’oreal professional for balayage, and I have taken several balayage classes in the past. So, while balayage isn’t new to us, it is always great to have more tips and tricks in our stylist arsenal!

This was more of a hair painting class than balayage, in which we’ve both taken an interest. We learned four different hair painting methods. I learned new ways to section the hair to achieve different results, and techniques for better saturation, in addition to catching mistakes before they happen. 

After attending this class, it sparked our creativity and got us further inspired. Providing us with new techniques to “break free” from traditional hair balayage, we are eager to integrate these new methods for our clients.

Overall, it was a great class – probably better for a beginner painter, but we always appreciate going over the basics for a refresher. Whether you’re looking for a multi-dimensional, brunette balayage like Jessica Alba, or a more distinct balayage like Chrissy Tegan, we’ve got you covered with the skills and techniques to achieve celebrity inspired looks.


Lisa Loves Balayage Workshop

Lisa Loves Balayage Workshop

(Jessica’s blog)

This past weekend I had the privilege of teaching a balayage class to the land-of-blond-isn’t-ever-blond-enough (aka Los Angeles). L’Oreal had me working side by side with the balayage queen herself, Nancy Braun.

Nancy is a celebrity colorist as well as the leading Balayage Artist for L’Oreal Professionnel. It’s taken her many years of practice and dedication to get to where she is today. Talk about an inspiration!

The dedication and years of experience Nancy has reflected greatly in the class. Over the weekend, we had two full days of teaching hairdressers ‘out of the box’ and ‘break the rules’ balayage techniques. We also honed in on why we, as hairdressers, love what we do.

Yes, I love painting and coloring hair because that’s what inspires me. But, Nancy made me realize it’s not just about the hair. It’s about the people we touch every day – how they affect my life as well how I affect theirs.

I walked away from this experience a changed stylist. I learned some amazing techniques that I can’t wait to try on my clients. And, I also learned to take a step back sometimes and appreciate the love and dedication my clients have for me.

jess-teaching-in-la jess-final-product-balayage-class-la

Jessica and Nancy Braun

Jessica and Nancy Braun

After teaching side by side with Nancy in California, I decided to bring my knowledge back to my Architeqt family. Stepping off the plane and returning directly to the salon, I showed them how to properly cut time when doing a balayage and a single process together…when time is of the essence.

We strongly believe in continued education at Architeqt. It’s just as rewarding to be able to teach the techniques I learned as to take a class myself. Not to mention, I enjoy watching them perfect their craft.

jess-balayage-class-3 jess-balayage-class-2 jess-balayage-class-1

Visit us this holiday season to experience the latest in balayage and hair painted looks. Which can range from subtle dimension to bright blondes to intense fashion shades.